Hi, I'm VD, an email newsletters developer working full time for a digital agency in downtown Toronto. When I don't code email newsletters I like going in trips, playing basketball with my son and running marathons.

I've been working as a full time email marketing developer from the summer of 2012 so I have plenty of tips and tricks to share here on my blog.

Feel free to contribute with comments or reach out via LinkedIn or other social media networks. I like connecting with like minded individuals from all over the world.

Why emailsnob.com? Because I truly believe having a well coded email newsletter that looks great in all email clients like Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo and so forth, will help you increase sales and create awareness in regards of your cause or services. I truly believe email marketing could be a very strong asset in the right hands. They say social media will beat email marketing but if you look at the numbers, they are not even close. Email is king when it comes to best marketing channel.  

Happy email coding! Your friend, the email snob.